Working and learning have been impacted, especially in today’s Europe, and the scare of the pandemic has kept everyone under check, thinking of innovative ways to move on. Working is an issue on its own, can it be productive working from home? How effective will working from home be, compared to the regular daily routine involving physical interaction with others? With many learning opportunities, the reality of today’s world as brought us some options which we will have to weigh and determine their feasibility. Learning online is feasible, e-learning has been around for some time now, we have seen it work, but how effective is it in giving the right kind of education and orientation? Will it even work for medical students? There are many possibilities which we will look at.

Learning Platform

A lot of governments have put a temporary stop to face-to-face learning and universities to adopt online teaching. There are various learning platforms, such as Vtutor opinions,  which are online learning centers. These platforms give you various offers of eLearning, such as presentations and webinars. They also provide the technical infrastructure necessary for the learning to take place. Learning platforms has to make sure their clients have easy access to study materials and many more.

Government Policy

Each government has its way of handling the pandemic and determining how education should go with many governments advocating for online learning. This will impact international students more. The learning opportunities are still there, but with constraint. Many international students do not know their fate yet. If the government should move towards eLearning, then there will be no need for international students to travel down to the country, which will also inevitably impact students who involve in work-study. Students who lost their job in the face of this pandemic might be eligible for financial help in some countries such as Ireland.

Not only this, but there will most likely be a change in the immigration policy, which might be there for a long time. If there is no hope of studying abroad, right in Europe, then the working aspect is also minimal – meaning that there is a possibility to have fewer working foreigners in Europe.

School Policy

Schools have moved on from face-to-face learning to eLearning, with encouragement from the government’s policy. Some European universities are looking at the feasibility of having face-to-face education, though on a small scale, while some are transitioning to online learning. It is expedient that you check your school and know where it stands on this issue. Many schools are set to resume and are looking for a way out, without flouting the government’s rule. So, keep checking.

Bottom Line

With many learning opportunities available, differing policies, and also with public opinion, work-study will be a difficult thing now, but online learning is a new reality. Online learning, while some people doubt its quality can only get better, and is better and seems here to stay. Enrolment into eLearning programs has increased, even before the pandemic, and is becoming a serious alternative to face-to-face education.